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Importance of Good Photography in Web Design

March 25, 2015 - Photography -

The visual quality of a website depends greatly on the quality of the photographic images. Image quality can make or break a website.

Photography should be an important consideration for your website project. We explore how each image can convey your company personality.

Advantages of Custom Photography for your Website:

  • Great Lighting
  • Composition Skills
  • Ability to translate your company brand through photographic imagery
  • Photos of your people working in your business
  • Photos are optimised, enhanced, colour corrected and made fabulous

An effective photo communicates the intended message clearly, influences behaviour and appeals to our emotions.

The bigger the image, the bigger the impact! Our clients are telling us that they want large, modern design with full screen images that stretch out across the screen. To achieve this, the chosen photos must be high print quality and fit the space and site section. We create your images to perfectly suit your website objectives, colour palette, image placement (size and aspect) and intended use. Image placement is critical as many hero images require a wide format, decreased height and an off centre composition. Some images may need to be custom created for the sole purpose of a slideshow where text has to be overlayed. The whole scene will be sketched out with this in mind.

Custom Image Scene created for Equip4Living website

Fantastic photography can give your site an edge! We can help you create an influential visual experience with well thought out photography combined with successful web design.